Attention: Sex bombs!

Hypersexual women — Who are they?

Most people consider sexual promiscuity to be a characteristic typical of males. Many men change their women like gloves, or maintain numerous lovers at the same time. They are often referred to as players, or womanizers. But what’s the name for women who have a full sex life? Who are they? How do they make a living? What are their goals?

You probably know at least one woman who changes her sexual partners on a regular basis. She doesn’t want to get married and holds the joy of sex in higher esteem than the dream of having a family. Many such women are successful and live comfortably.

Should ladies forget their age-old dream of one prince for all eternity? There are so many fish in the sea… Is polygamy only a male trait?

Where it all starts…

Let’s begin with how these female sexual giants are born.

“Fear is often the root cause of such behavior,” said Tatyana Danilova, a psychologist and communicative skills trainer. “Normal women who want a monogamous lifestyle may find themselves traveling this heavy road. And their fears are to blame.”

The most typical fears:

1. Fear of age

The woman is over 30 and decides she needs to make up for lost time. She usually has a successful career and has achieved everything she’s dreamed of. So she decides to cut loose while she’s still pleased with her reflection in the mirror.

2. Fear of loneliness

The woman may be young, but wants to find a partner. Her main testing tool is her bed.

3. Fear of belonging to one man

The woman got burned in a previous relationship. She may have given herself to one man who she loved but received little in return. So she tries to make up for the lost time. She goes with many other men who usually take more than they give.

4. Fear of strong feelings

The woman has an active sexual life. She judges men by their ability in bed. She throws off feelings of attachment in the blink of an eye. She also fears serious relationships. By changing sexual partners, she thinks she’s protecting herself.

Men also become examples for their women. Difficult divorces or betrayals can force women to try their partners’ polygamous ways. Why can he sleep around and I can’t, they ask? So the women go about proving they can.

Picking the plumpies

Is it really possible, though, that female sexuality hinges on a series of psychological factors and fears?

KP journalist Anna Kukartseva tried to get to the bottom of the issue and came to a startling conclusion.

“Female sexuality often depends on her personal psychological preferences, but also on hormonal changes,” said gynecologist Aleksandr Zakharov. “Certain sexual flashes occur in the periods of sexual maturity (18-25) and sexual formation (33-38). In the latter period, the female organism is most satiated with estrogen — female hormones. Some women always have a surplus of estrogen. They can often be noticed by their outer appearance. They are traditionally plump, healthy and happy. Thin women often have increased male hormone, androgen.”

Test in bed

“The more artistic a person’s profession, the more sexually hungry he is. Not all sexual giants are geniuses. but many geniuses are sexual giants,” wrote Mikhail Veller in his collection of short stories, “On Love.” He says sex and art are the same.

“Yekaterina the Great,” Veller wrote, “sent her potential lovers for testing to a trial dame to see how good they were in bed. The empress led an active sexual life until her death. But this didn’t affect her ability to change the country far and wide.” He adds that strong energy manifests itself in different ways. The stronger the energy, he says, the directer its biological manifestation. So an impotent person can’t be a powerful.

She was with this one, and that one…

But according to German psychiatrist Burt Hellinger’s theory, sexual relations actually deplete a person’s energy. Men and women who have numerous romantic relationships give pieces of themselves away to whoever they sleep with. At some point, the individuals simply lose the ability to love.

Enough! Time to settle down!

Sooner or later, time also becomes a factor. It’s easy to be promiscuous when you’re young, beautiful and sexual. But then what? And having to maintain a beautiful outward appearance is only half the story. Some women just get tired of the lifestyle. Others feel immoral.

Natalya Tolstaya, Psychologist and Author:

“Promiscuous women go to see psychologists and say they have forgotten how to love. Their first major crisis occurs when they decide to stay with one man. But at the same time they wonder if they should tell him the truth about their past. But if you take a closer look at the situation, you have to ask why she started leading this wayward lifestyle to begin with? The answer is she was bored. She always wanted a festival around her. But family life isn’t always a holiday. With time, these women become matrons or perfect embodiments of morality. Some thank their husbands the rest of their lives for clearing their reputation. Others lead self-denigrating lifestyles and become religious. However, these women are said to become wonderful parents and wives. They have a great deal of experience and value what they have.” READ MORE


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