Sex recruiters hit Russia’s towns. Part 3

KP journalists decided to find out just how strictly the law treats the adult-services industry

It’s Candid Camera

Everything start off just fine. We spoke to the girls and pretended to enter their information into the computer. Meshkov briefly inspected their bodies as any army recruitment officer would and wrote “Fit For Use” in their application forms. One day, though, our mobile phone connection suddenly went dead and we had no way to contact the outside world. Our potential applicants could no longer reach us. After cursing our mobile operator, we hurried to the main square and started gluing job advertisements all over with our apartment’s landline. We also approached good-looking women on the street and offered them a contract for VIP work in the capital. Needless to say we were turned away time and again.

We headed home discontented hoping for a miracle. And then it happened. In an hour, several applicants called our landline and the recruitment recommenced.

Ludmila was a colorful, sexy blond in a tempting short skirt with short legs, and short fingers covered in gold. She was confident and even a bit rude. She was also the only intellectual among the applicants. She had read “The Da Vinci Code.” She asked most of the questions.

“What’s the police situation like in Moscow? I saw on TV there are raids everyday. It won’t happen like that. I’ll quit everything, go to the capital and then get caught?!” she said.

“You mean no one gets caught here?” we asked.

“Here? Never!” she said proudly. “We have a lot of policemen among our regular clients.”

“Freebies at the station on Saturdays?” we asked.

“Why free?” she asked insulted. “They pay like everyone else. Hey, what’s that over there? A video camera?” She froze. “Are you taping this?”

“Where?” we asked puzzled, trying unsuccessfully to disguise the camera in a plastic bag. “No, it’s nothing…”

“Do you take me for an idiot?” she said. “I see it! Delete everything you taped!” she added threateningly.

“There’s nothing there!” we said stubbornly.

“Okay,” she said, jumping up from the chair. “If you don’t want to do it the easy way, then we’ll do it the hard way. They’ll delete you in a second then…” And she bolted out the apartment.

A knock in the night

We rushed around the apartment in panic. Victims of our own carelessness, we did not want to be burned at the stake at such a young age. It was a bit aggravating. We had tried so hard to mask the camera. We thought we would have made James Bond proud. We looked for a place to hide the flash drive with the scandalous video. And after a lengthy search, Meshkov decided to tape it to the inside of his groin. Gathering our things, we headed to the metal door that separated us from our freedom. And just when we were about to open it, when we heard a loud knocking.

When the telephone is the enemy

We stopped.

“Open up the door, you jerks, or I’ll bust it down!” someone screamed from under the door. Judging from the noise there were at least three or four guys standing outside. They rang the bell, cursed loudly and tried to pry their way in. We hoped the neighbors would call the police after hearing all the commotion.

We stood still for 10 minutes hoping they would think no one was home. Then we could hear them talking about something. And just when it seemed that they were ready to leave, justice had won and we were saved, the mobile phone in Meshkov’s pocket began to ring. Startled, Meshkov stumbled backwards and loudly knocked over the stool behind him. READ MORE


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