My tragic life without China

KP journalist tries to live one week without Chinese goods and fails miserably

“Everyone needs to study Chinese! China is going to control the world – and very soon,” my editor told us repeatedly. After spending a little over a week in China, he returned to Russia devoid of patriotism and optimism. Each conversation ended with China taking the West by storm. I couldn’t handle it any longer.

“OK! That’s enough!” I said. “China has what, a population of one billion or so? And…? Stop being so dramatic!”

But this was just the conversation he had been waiting for.

“Look around you,” he said. “Wake up! China’s already here in Moscow. It’s impossible to live without Chinese goods. You couldn’t go one week without ‘Mаde in China!'”

I thought otherwise. “Try me,” I said.

And the deal was done. I had one week to prove I could live without Chinese goods.

“This is the perfect chance to inject some patriotic journalism into the editorial room,” I thought.

Little did I know what lay in store.

My electronic soul mate

First thing’s first. I had to sort through my stuff to see what Chinese goods I was already using.

“There shouldn’t be much to worry about,” I thought. “My apartment’s quite spartan as is. The only thing I really need here is my computer.” But when I examined my electronic soul mate more closely, I was horrified at the sight of the tag: “Made in China.”

“Oh my God!” I said to myself. “A week without my computer?! I haven’t gone a day without it for the last 7 years…” READ MORE


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