Indigo children are among us

Indigo children are among us

Scientists say Indigo children do exist – a new race with extrasensory abilities

The film “Indigo” was recently released in cinemas throughout Russia. The film explores the Indigo phenomenon – an alleged new race possessing extrasensory abilities. “Indigo” children are said to be unusually sensitive and gifted. Each year, more parents and teachers come forward with stories about these children. The film’s creators believe that Indigo children are a widespread phenomenon and a new breed that will lead mankind into the 22st Century.

Psychologist and member of the European Psychiatric Association Natalya Mikhaylovskaya spoke with KP about Indigo children after years of studying gifted youth.

Babies with brilliant eyes

“For the past 10 years children have been born who don’t resemble ordinary boys and girls,” Mikhaylovskaya said. “Their uniqueness is apparent when they are only several months old. Doctors say they are astounded by the children’s very ‘adult’ eyes. While ordinary babies aren’t able to focus their vision, Indigo children stare intensely. The older they get the odder they behave compared to their peers.”

Parents are confused and turning to medical professionals for advice about how to raise their Indigo children. They’re having a difficult time communicating with their kids. Their children don’t want to study or play games like their friends. They don’t listen to authority and they’re always off on their own. READ MORE


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