Hunting for the soul

Scientists search for the soul’s temporary haven

What is the origin of the soul? How is the soul related to God? What happens to the soul after death? Ancient scholars attempted to answer these questions in the Tibetan “Book of the Dead,” which appeared in the 8th Century. Researchers believe the author, legendary Buddhist Guru Padmasambkhave, based his work on older sources. The book teaches readers how to die properly, and prepares their souls for reincarnation.

The “Book of the Dead” says the soul is omniscient after death, yet unable to convey thoughts or feelings. During its afterlife journey, the soul sees relatives and acquaintances as they existed in life. The soul observes the body being undressed and prepared for burial. Later, the soul fearlessly and joyfully greets the spirits of the afterlife. The soul looks into a mirror, sees the choices it made in life and understands the goal of its last Earth passage. After judgement, the soul waits 49 days before rebirth.

“Scientific interest in the ‘Book of the Dead’ grew tenfold in the last century,” said Physics Professor, head of Kharkov’s Physics and Technology Institute READ MORE


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