Advertisements, Web sites and beauty contests feed pedophilia

Maniacs and perverts have taken Russia by storm. It’s as though they’ve been freed en masse from incarceration.

With each day the news show more crimes and dead children. People are afraid to let their kids go to school or the park. This is the case in every town and village and not only in big cities.

Children are in danger wherever they go – school, the gym or at camp. But what’s really happening? How can we protect them from the growing number of Russia’s pedophiles? Have they always been around? Were their crimes simply hidden? Or is there a new wave of pedophilia taking hold of the country?

Several recent crimes of child assault

Krasnoyarsk – After a yearlong search, police finally captured the murderer of 5-year-old Polina Malkova. Her tortured remains were found 10 days after the child’s disappearance. The maniac lived nearby. READ MORE


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