Who made Gagarin’s death confidential

Gagarin always tried to stay in good shapeThe world’s first astronaut, Yury Gagarin, died on March 27, 1968. KP examines why one of the most famous aviation crashes of the 21st Century still remains a mystery.

The world’s first astronaut Yury Gagarin was killed in one of the most mysterious aviation disasters after World War II. The crash is legendary. Not only was Gagarin making an ordinary training run on board a reliable MiG-15UTI, but he was also accompanied by an experienced pilot, Soviet Hero Vladimir Seregin. Seregin was an instructor tasked with training Gagarin. He had accompanied him on numerous test flights on that very aircraft.

On that fateful March day, the pilots did not execute any complicated maneuvers. The weather was not ideal, but passable. At 10:30, Gagarin calmly informed the flight director that they had completed their assignment. Sixty-eight seconds later an explosion gave way in the Kirzhach forests.

“I hoped Gagarin had time to catapult” READ MORE



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