The ups and downs of global warming

The year 2007 marked the warmest year in the history of Russian climate observation, according to the Russian Federal Hydrometeorological and Environmental Monitoring Service (Rosgidromet). The average annual temperature was 2°С above the norm.

Few doubt that the Earth’s climate is changing, but no one knows exactly why or how long the process will last. The international community must start preparing today for the effects of global warming.

The World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) recently published the article: “Sixty-Three Answers to Questions from the Global Warming Skeptic.” KP offers readers compelling insights from the educational brochure.

Q: Climate change has occurred repeatedly throughout history. The temperature was so warm in the Middle Ages that today’s ice-capped Greenland was referred to as the “Green Country” due to its abundant flora. So why should we be worried now?

A: Temperatures from the past 250 years do in fact prove that today’s climate change isn’t unique. The climate has been both colder and hotter. In the age of the dinosaurs, for example, the temperature was 7°С warmer than today.

Previously, temperature change led to the increase in the concentration of greenhouse gases. Today everything is reversed. We see an unprecedented increase in the concentration of carbon dioxide and methane causing the temperature to rise. This sudden change is explained by the burning of fossil fuels and deforestation. READ MORE


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