President Dmitry Medvedev: His first 100 days in office

After today’s presidential inauguration, Dmitry Medvedev will officially become Russia’s head of state. KP spoke with renowned political scientists to get their opinions about what President Medvedev’s steps will be in his first 100 days in office.

Gleg Pavlovskiy, General Director of the Effective Policy Fund: “The apparatus will try to break down the new guy.”

I think the most important thing that Medvedev will do in his first three months as president is toughen up. He’ll attempt to implement the diverse and strategically significant program he’s announced, but the apparatus and civil servants will try to confuse the president and inundate him with minor problems. This won’t be intentional. That’s just the way they’re built.

The apparatus feared Putin slightly despite the fact that he didn’t get too thick-skinned. But they’ll try to break down the new guy. Medvedev is well aware of this. His recent statements that innovation’s chief adversary is our own administrative system weren’t by any means accidental. Also, Medvedev’s first 100 days in office will pass during the summer. Russians are inclined to do anything but work in these months. This initial period will be difficult and important for Medvedev and pass under the motto: “Who commands who?” This will be a reconnaissance in force for Medvedev as he takes over the presidential authority. He’ll likely draw unpleasant conclusions about the power vertical that he once chaired. Thus, in early fall he’ll probably begin to act more toughly. READ MORE


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