Medvedev’s presidential inauguration: A day that will go down in history

Presidential inauguration is distinct from prior ceremonies because both the acting and newly elected presidents are set to participate. This is a first on Russia’s political scene. In 2000, Boris Yeltsin attended Vladmir Putin’s inauguration, but he had already relinquished his authority in December 1999. Both Medvedev’s and Putin’s paths through the Kremlin and gala halls of the Grand Kremlin Palace have been meticulously planned.

Putin will likely be at work from early morning at the Kremlin’s Main Building. He’ll arrive at the Kremlin’s Red Porch in a Mercedes with the Presidential Standard (flag) on the hood. Putin will proceed directly to St. Andrew’s Hall where the events will be held.
Medvedev’s motorcade will enter the Kremlin through the Spassky Gates and drive to the main entrance of the Grand Kremlin Palace. The newly elected president will climb the red carpet on the Kremlin’s front stairs to Georgiy’s Hall. From there he will go to Aleksandr’s Hall to meet Putin. READ MORE

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