Former Chief of Presidential Protocol Vladimir Shevchenko: “We used Aleksandr II’s coronation ceremony as a point of reference.”

Putin's presidential inauguration in 2000 and 2004 (above) was held at St. Andrew's Hall in Moscow's Grand Kremlin Palace. In 1856, Emperor Aleksandr II was crowned there (below).KP explores the planning process behind Medvedev’s inauguration as president

Russia’s first presidential inauguration was held on March 14, 1990, still in the Soviet Union. The Soviet Constitution was officially removed at the Convention of State Deputies, Mikhail Gorbachev was sworn in as president and the brief ceremony came to an end.
Boris Yeltsin’s inauguration to his first-term as president was held on July 10, 1991 at a meeting of the Russian Supreme Soviet. He was sworn in on the Constitution of Soviet Russia. The Constitution of the new Russia wasn’t passed until later in 1993. By keeping the ceremonies short, the Russian state inadvertently avoided the painstaking process of planning elaborate presidential inaugurations. READ MORE

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