Did Gagarin die because he followed instructions?

We’ve reconstructed the last 15 minutes of Gagarin’s life.

What did the Soviet State Panel learn from investigating the deaths of Yury Gagarin and Vladimir Seregin?

1. The MiG-15UTI aircraft was in working order before hitting the ground. The training aircraft had two cockpits – both for a student and an instructor.

2. Both pilots were sober. Medics didn’t find any alcohol in their blood. Gagarin and Seregin felt healthy before the flight, but weren’t able-bodied when the plane crashed.

3. Two MiG-15UTI aircrafts took off shortly after Gagarin (whose aircraft was code signed “625”). They were followed by the MiG-15UTI training aircraft code signed “614.” The 614 traveled parallel to Gagarin at an altitude of 3,000 meters. A total of 7 aircrafts were in the air at the same time as the 625.



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