Arthur С. Clarke: “They’ll clone me on another planet in 1,000,000 years”

Svetlana Kuzina and Arthur Clarke at his home in the prestigious Columbo district in Sri Lanka. Legendary science fiction writer and futuristic prophet to many Arthur Clarke passed away on March 19, 2008.Clarke was 91 years old.

Author of the cult masterpiece 2001: A Space Odyssey Arthur Clarke has passed away at the age of 91 in Sri Lanka. Born on Dec. 16, 1917, Clarke went on to write over 100 novels and stories during his lifetime. His works were treasured by millions of readers around the world. At his 90th birthday celebration, Clarke willed mankind to end the civil war in Sri Lanka, shift to ecologically clean fuel and find evidence of extraterrestrial life.

Much of what Clarke fantasized in fiction became reality. A prime example is the author’s 1945 prediction of low-orbiting satellites hovering close to Earth to improve global communication. The geostationary orbit where these satellites travel today is known as Clarke’s Orbit.

In 2000, on the threshold of the 21st Century, Clarke spoke with KP correspondent Svetlana Kuzina. Here are a few captivating moments from the interview.

KP: Will clone people exist?

Arthur Clarke: I wouldn’t be surprised. I have information about one clone existing already, but I don’t know where.

Q: Do you want to be cloned?

A: I have the chance to rise again. NASA is launching a small satellite with hairs taken from renowned individuals. They took 6 of mine [ed. patting his thin head of hair]. Another civilization might find my hairs in 1,000,000 years. Extraterrestrials may extract my DNA and get a wonderful Clarke specimen. READ MORE


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